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Twister® T4 Trimmer (Dry or Wet), Machine Trimmer, - Applegate Soils & Hydroponics

Twister® T4 Trimmer (Dry or Wet)

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The Twister® T4 transforms the game by using advanced, patent-pending trimming technology to do the work for you.

Trimming sucks. But it doesn’t have to! The T4 Trimmer makes your life easier and your pockets fatter. Twister® Trimmers are designed for continuous flow run-time, minimizing handling. Why tumble or churn for 20 minutes when 30 seconds will do? Your Twister® will pay for itself in a single day, compared to hand trimming. And remember, machines don’t need lunch. When it comes to speed, quality, and value, there’s no comparison. Twister® Trimmers are a cut above the competition. With over a decade leading the industry, we stand behind our trimmers with a full 3 year warranty, plus an optional 2 year extended warranty. When you buy a Twister®, you’re investing in a brand with a decade of research and development behind it. You’re buying the most advanced and maintenance-free trimming system on the planet.

No Setup or Tools Required. Simply plug into a 110V outlet and play. Cleaning and dismantling is easy. The T4 strips down in seconds and is the only trimmer to give you full and complete access to blades and a patent-pending removable motor pack.

Double the output by daisy chaining two T4 systems together. Two Twisters end to end give you the closest cut in the shortest amount of time.


  • Process Time Per Hour: 10lb Wet – 6lb Dry
  • Faster, Higher Quality Cut
  • Highest ROI
  • Hand-trim quality
  • Trim Wet or Dry
  • Preserve your trim
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Cleans Up Well
  • Low-Touch Trimming

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